joujou des moines

Our Health Community: JouJou

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community

In this month’s edition of Our Health Community, we are honored to spotlight our neighbors at JouJou, owned and founded by Amanda Wiebers and Jenny Johnson. Our team has loved taking our own kiddos to JouJou since they opened. The enriching playtime, lovely atmosphere and gentle approach to childhood make for a rich experience every visit. Our own Chris LoRang …

iowa iv

Our Health Community: Iowa IV

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community, Your Best Life

  Meet our Neighbors: Iowa IV! In this edition of “Our Health Community,” our neighbors and fellow health-enthusiasts at Iowa IV share the story of how they started, what they offer, and why IVs are an excellent tool for gaining and maintaining a vibrant life. Our own team has gotten IVs at their location across the street from Capital Chiropractic …

Our Health Community: Hanna Valley Protein

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community

We’re thrilled to feature Hanna Valley Protein on the Our Health Community blog series! This small business was born from a true medical need for high-quality yet affordable food options. Read their incredible story below! Tell us a bit about Hanna Valley Protein. Why did you start this business? How has it evolved? What is it today? Hanna Valley Protein …

Our Health Community: 99 Counties

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community, Recipes, Your Best Life

We are beyond excited to feature 99 Counties on the Our Health Community blog series! They’re working hard to bring local, pasture-raised meat to all of Iowa’s 99 counties. They’re also passionate about regenerative agriculture and supporting small farms throughout our state. Check it out! Tell us a bit about 99 Counties. Why did you start this business? How has …

Layla, a small girl, and Tony, a man, smile at the camera while going down to feed chickens and collect eggs from their flock.

Our Health Community: Prudent Produce

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community, Out and About, Your Best Life

For our latest installment of the Our Health Community series, we are so excited to feature Prudent Produce! In Tony’s own words, Prudent Produce combines all the wonderful parts of “… the freshness of a CSA, the organic aisle in the grocery store with the Iowa Food Coop with the convenience of delivery”. Read on to learn more! Tell us a bit …