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Our Health Community: Beth Jackson of Nourished

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Tell us a bit about you and Nourished. What has your path been leading to starting Nourished? When and why did you start this business? What is the business? Where are you located? Hi! I’m Beth, Owner of Nourished, LLC. I began Nourished to create healthy food for Des Moines and surrounding communities. Before Nourished, I was a Doula in …

Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Sugar Bug (Paleo Dessert Recipe Included)

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Everyday life provides plenty of sugary temptations – from the ones that are easy to spot, like sodas and candy bars, to the more insidious kinds of hidden sugar, like in flavored yogurts, spaghetti sauce, crackers, and salad dressings. But once we hit Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and New Year’s celebrations, it can be  one long descent into …