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Our Health Community: The Keto Kitchen

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The Keto Kitchen is a favorite of Capital Chiropractic owners Chris and Abbie, and we’re beyond delighted to feature them in the Our Health Community blog series!

Tell us a bit about The Keto Kitchen. Why did you start this business? How has it evolved? What is it today?

We started to fill a need that we felt very personally! We found Keto worked well for us in healing many of our pre-existing conditions and wanted to make it accessible for people that struggled to do it alone or that simply wanted to have a place to go that catered to their needs.

Our mission here at The Keto Kitchen is to create dishes and menus that accommodate and encourage healthy eating from farm to table. We accomplish this task by being intentional with every ingredient that we use. Today we are a supportive community that offers needed resources to make healthy food as accessible as possible.

What makes your approach different?

We use an open and adaptable approach to enable a clean eating lifestyle that is accessible and convenient for everyone. We focus on gluten-free and sugar-free as these are extremely inflammatory for many people but we also offer customizable support for individuals that have more specific restrictions as well. We use this approach to serve our community and create change in the food industry and beyond.

Clean eating isn’t just about the right ingredients that you’re eating, but also about how those ingredients affect our environment. By encouraging sustainability in food production and distribution, we take clean eating to its fullest potential. From reducing our carbon footprint, to supporting farmers with eco-friendly practices, to using compostable containers, we look at every aspect of our process and continue to push our industry in the right direction.

A plate of loaded nachos from The Keto Kitchen

A plate of loaded nachos from The Keto Kitchen

How does your business help people?

There are a few options that we offer. We have a restaurant offering dining to our customers that struggle with finding options with their dietary restrictions. We have a meal prep service offering an array of ready-made meals that is planned around individual lifestyles and restrictions, as well as weight loss management.

What’s one thing people should know about your business if they’ve never tried it before?

It’s just good food! We make food that everyone in the family can enjoy using clean ingredients that have been minimally processed.

What gets you up in the morning?

We aim to create a shift in the food industry that is focused on preventative care and health rather than just on profit!

A plate of lasagna with The Keto Kitchen's signature bitchin' sauce.

A plate of lasagna with The Keto Kitchen’s signature bitchin’ sauce

 What’s next for The Keto Kitchen?

We hope to expand and make our food accessible to as many people as possible but most especially children, people with health issues, and individuals in food deserts.

Where can people learn more about The Keto Kitchen?

To learn more about The Keto Kitchen and the keto lifestyle, please visit our website!

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