Success Stories

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I was a bit hesitant to go to a chiropractor because my previous experience seeing one seemed like it would be a never-ending opportunity for the chiropractor to make money off of me. Dr. LoRang is not like that, not at all. His goal was to see if he could help me and if he couldn’t, refer me to someone else. His approach was unique (to me, at least) in that he didn’t immediately rush to give me an adjustment. Instead he talked to me about my symptoms, asked a lot of questions, and after a lot of consult, recommended some exercises to alleviate my symptoms. His office is nice, his patient care assistants are wonderful, as is Dr. LoRang. Going to Capital Chiropractic was a very positive and helpful experience!
-Male, age 49

I had been experiencing numbness and tingling in my extremities since November. My M.D. had performed test after test, ran blood work, ordered an MRI, and nothing showed up. After literally tens of thousands of dollars spent, and at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to give Dr. LoRang a try. I wasn’t a huge fan of chiropractic manipulation but what did I have to lose? I loved that Chris requested my MRI records, and actually called my doctors office to speak directly with them. He assessed me and started on a course of action without manipulation as he knew I wasn’t a fan. Through at exercise in office and at home, I started to see relief. After the third visit I decided to try some manipulation and WOW what a difference. I now only occasionally have tingling in my fingers and that continues to fade. I have not had tingling in my legs for at least a month. I cannot express how grateful I am to Chris and Jen for encouraging me and assisting me in my journey to healthy living! Thank you both!!
-Female, age 52

I had chronic back pain for over a year – I had tried several other good chiropractors and a pain clinic. I had no real improvement and I had resigned myself to living with the pain and tried my best to ignore it. A friend recommended the technique practiced by Dr. LoRang and I decided that I’d give it a chance, but had little hope. Happily I have experienced SIGNIFICANT improvement under Dr. LoRang and I have hope that I can live 100% pain-free very soon. Dr. LoRang takes the time to listen and works with you to address immediate concerns and also guide you to better long term habits. His staff is great and the office is easy to get to. I would highly recommend Capital Chiropractic!
-Female, age 43

I can’t say enough good things about Capital Chiro! I’ve been going there for the last six months for a shoulder injury and am now largely pain free! Chris does a great job of not only making adjustments, but also explaining what the problem is and how to correct it. I recommend Chris and Jen to almost all of my athletes/clients when they need chiropractic care!
-Male, age 26

I have been dealing with back problems for years before going to Chris. He came highly recommended by friends through CrossFit. I love his approach to healing versus just adjusting you and sending you on your way. Previously I was seeing a chiro up to 3 times a week and honestly the pain would never truly go away. I go to see Chris every two weeks, mostly for maintenance. I continue with stretches daily and I am able to do the lifting in CrossFit. Before I was told to stop lifting weights! He showed me how it was not just my spine but other factors that contributed to the pain. Chris gives me to the tools to correct that. And since going to him I have hit new PR’s! Love the atmosphere at Capital Chiropractic and highly recommend seeing Chris if you are having any troubles! You could not ask for nicer people than at Capital Chiropractic!
-Female, age 33

Why didn’t I try this sooner???!!! I had been dealing with hip pain for 3 years before seeing Dr. Chris. Many things I tried would help for a while but once I resumed activity, I was back where I started. Dr. Chris not only worked on the immediate issue of pain, but taught me exercises to do to really get at the cause. I haven’t felt this good in years and I don’t worry about if a long walks or bike ride will bring back the pain. It was the starting point to get myself and my health back on track. Dr. Chris also helped my son with back issues. Before Dr. Chris, my son was afraid that he was headed for surgery. The treatment and exercises changed all that. Thank you!
-Female, age 58

The short version: Chris LoRang fixed my back and I’m confident he can help you. The long version: Chris is different than any chiropractor I’ve been to before. The most notable reason being he was able to fix my back and neck discomfort (that I had been dealing with for as long as I can remember and was convinced was a permanent problem) almost immediately. The next reason being that he won’t try to sucker you back. I was hesitant to try another chiropractor because, in my experience, it seemed like every one I tried was more concerned about getting me back for another appointment than actually fixing my problem. But Chris actually cares about his patients and he wants to teach proper posture and body movement, so that you don’t have to go back. A friend of mine recommended Chris LoRang to me and it was top notch advice, which I’m now passing on to you. Go. Absolutely go.
-Female, age 33

In the past I’ve been skeptical about going to a Chiropractor. I was under the mindset that they were temporarily fixing me only to have me come back. Dr. Chris is definitely an exception to this thought. He was genuinely concerned about my well being, and wanted to fix me so that I wouldn’t NEED to come back. He is extremely professional, and you can tell he is very passionate about what he does. I highly recommend Capital Chiropractic to anyone!
-Male, age 31

Chris is intuitive and a great listener. I’ve never felt like he had anything but my best health in mind when we’re working together. I’ve had back issues since way back in high school, but I’ve never felt stronger. Glad to have found this genuinely nice guy to call for help when I need it.
-Female, age 45

Chris is awesome – we love his whole body approach to issues. He helped immensely with my pregnancy discomforts and any time I’ve had back, neck or hip problems! I take my infant to him as well and refer everyone I know!
-Female, age 33

If you’re taking the time to read this, know that no matter what I say I can’t explain the wonderful differences that you will experience with Capital Chiropractic. From any perspective lens of which I choose to look at how they operate, I can not find a single criticism. Quite simply, if you’re looking for the optimal mix of professionalism, education, communication and care for your body, you have found Capital Chiropractic.
-Male, age 42

Went to Capital Chiropractic for the first time yesterday. Absolutely loved the receptionist, Jen, who makes you feel incredibly welcomed. I filled out all the paperwork and they got me in the same day. The chiropractor, Chris, does an amazing job explaining everything he is doing and why it’s important. I felt like he really made an effort to get to know me as a person and not just as a patient. Love that they ask you about your goals and have Whole30 out in their waiting room. I’m excited to go see the documentary “Fed Up” that they are hosting at Fleur Cinema in January. Overall amazing place and can’t wait to go back!
-Female, age 27

I went to Capital Chiropractic with severe lower back pain and lack of mobility. Chris took the time to get to the root of the issue and thoroughly diagnose the problem. Instead of going straight to manipulation, Chris taught me a series of stretches that helped almost immediately. After just two treatments, and two days of the prescribed stretches, I was almost completely healed and able to get back to life. I went from barely being able to walk to going right back to my active work as a photographer with few limitations in a span of 48 hours. It was almost miraculous!
-Male, age 35

I was reluctant to visit with a chiropractor, but after several years of nerve pain, I was ready to try anything. Dr. Chris LoRang made sure to explain treatments thoroughly before administering them, offered thoughtful research and made sure I understood the practice before we created a plan of action for my pain. Dr. LoRang answered all my questions and after several weeks of treatment, my pain is decreasing daily.
-Female, age 34

Chris and his team have given me a new perspective on health. He is fully equipped with technology, experience and skills that extend far beyond any previous chiropractic care I have received. He challenges me to continue work on my own, and I can feel his recommendations first hand. It is almost disappointing when I start to feel great and I am out of his office for months! He is impressive and caring- and his wife has a set of pipes that will bring the house down:) kia ora!
-Female, age 32

I would have to say that Capital Chiropractic & Rehab is one of the most impressive facilities I have worked with. Dr. LoRang is awesome! He is extremely knowledgeable and honest. He works with you and helps with what is in your best interest. His ultimate goal is to assist in your healing process. I find he and his staff are very genuine individuals and I recommend him all the way!
-Female, age 35

Just starting to go here – I’ve been a few times. Chris and Jen are easy to work with and Chris takes a very direct approach to my back care. I’ve visited enough chiropractors over the years to know one-size-type does NOT fit all. Chris is a good listener and I can see the effects of his work quickly. He also recommends self-care – which is helpful for maintenance.
-Male, age 57

Chris has been vital to my journey in healing. The manipulating, massage and stretching techniques he uses and teaches me to use at home have brought noticeable relief in my neck, shoulder, back, and capital tunnel pain. I am so grateful for this encouraging and holistic treatment!
-Female, age 30

Dr. LoRang is highly skilled and knowledgeable. Unbelievable expertise and patient care!
-Female, age 28

I’ve visited plenty of chiropractors around Des Moines but have never found the perfect fit. Dr. LoRang is the perfect fit. I am a believer in chiropractic work, yet I’ve been at chiropractors who’ve felt somewhat cult-like. You get none of that from Dr. LoRang. You get a completely legitimate medical professional, someone who exudes trust and professionalism. Aside from being a cool, funny guy with a great bedside manner, he’s the type of chiropractor who is clearly working to make you better instead of working to make you come back to his clinic more often. Can’t beat the location, either, if you live or work downtown. My only regret with Dr. LoRang’s clinic is that I didn’t find it sooner.
-Male, age 36

I’ve been having lower back pain for months with no relief. Right away from my first visit with Capital Chiropractic helped SO much. I love this method of treatment and care. Thank you!!
-Female, age 29

He listens to what the patient’s needs are and provides excellent feedback to what is actually the root cause of an issue and how to overcome it through better technique, mobility, etc.
-Male, age 32

Great for the whole family. My 13 and 16 sons visit Chris for foot and hip pain and found great relief.
-Male, age 46

Dr. Chris LoRang cares not only about fixing what may be ailing you today but also finding a way to help you improve for the future. He continues to educate himself and in turn applies what he learns to making his patients better. He is not your cookie-cutter chiropractor. Chris takes the time to get to know you and figure out what will work for you.
-Female, age 29

Amazing! After a three day migraine, a few exercises and an adjustment, I’m all better! Dr. LoRang’s methods work – he is the best Back Health Healer I know!
-Female, age 45

I just started with Chris and he’s been working my feet for plantar fasciitis and it’s working. Beyond my feet, yesterday morning I awoke with lower back pain. I was able to get into Chris and I feel ten times better instantly! Get in with Chris, don’t deal with the pain any longer!
-Female, age 45

Attention anyone with a SPORTS injury! I had a deep sports injury to my upper left adductor muscle/tendon area. I was unable to swing my leg over the edge of my bed to get up in the mornings and was barley able to walk (or lift my leg to put on a pair of jeans…you get the picture). Dr. Chris LoRang used several techniques that he specializes in, including Active Release and Graston to get my adductor muscle, tendons, and tissue to work properly again. I was walking in one visit and over a couple weeks I was good as new. He incorporates Active Release Techniques as he adjusts my neck/back and monitors my gait (how I walk) to ensure I am ‘good to go’! Spread the word that a talented, caring, sports oriented chiropractor with a GREAT personality is in the East Village!
-Female, age 49

I’m so happy! I’ve been injured and not able to run for a month…Not being able to do the thing that sets me free has driven me batty. Thanks so much to my friend Chris at Capital Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center for assisting me these last few weeks. Tonight I ran three miles pain free. Not close to where I was a month ago, but I don’t care. I’m running again! Everyone high five me right now!
-Female, age 37

I had no knee pain during my 10k race this spring, and I won my age division. Thanks so much!
-Female, age 52

Big thank you to Capital Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center! I have had knee issues for years. I have not been able to run more than a half mile without severe knee pain in over two years. I had acupuncture done on my knees this past week and today was able to run approximately 2 miles with no pain! THANK YOU CHRIS! I have visited many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Lorang is one of the best! His vast knowledge of various types of treatment allows him to find a solution for any challenge a patient presents. He is an expert in his field! He will put you at ease, address the problem and present a solution. He is honest, has high integrity and is the expert on professionalism!
-Female, age 45

I can’t tell you how much Chris has helped me! I love how he not only adjusts me, he also gives me exercises to help strengthen the areas that need it. I had back surgery a few years ago and wish I would have had him to get me back in shape once the back brace came off. Thanks so much, Chris!
-Female, age 42

Dr. LoRang is helping me with my persistent back pain. Yesterday a large amount of pain that I’ve had for 2+ years faded away with one of his soft tissue techniques. Thank you, Dr. LoRang!
-Female, age 54

I was hurting for 3-4 days and nothing was helping. One 45 minute visit to this amazing man, and I was pain free. So grateful.
-Female, age 33

Excellent and thorough diagnosis and treatment.
-Female, age 30

A big shout out to Chris LoRang at Capital Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center. Been fighting a bum shoulder for a couple of weeks. After only a couple of sessions, I feel much better and we are on the road to recovery. Gave me some excellent exercises to work on at home or even in the office to help stabilize the problem. Can’t wait to get back at it at Crossfit 8035 again soon. Thanks, Chris!
-Male, age 37

Dr. LoRang recently cared for my 9 month old daughter to include a complete health physical exam and chiropractic adjustment. Also having received personal care from Dr. LoRang myself, I was extremely impressed with his bedside manner and his ability to cater his technique to my young child’s anatomy. Dr. LoRang’s calm demeanor coupled with his constant professionalism made me a quickly trusting parent with my young baby daughter in his hands. Since then, I also trust in Dr. LoRang’s care for my 8 year old son and 7 year old daughter regarding their health and wellness needs. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. LoRang for the care of kids, both young and older. Finally, Dr. LoRang has also provided me with exceptional chiropractic care. Suffering from an occasional stiff neck and sore lower back from college football playing days and injuries, I also highly recommend Dr. LoRang for sports injury related chiropractic care. He has a great background and education in this arena and he is second to none regarding technique and knowledge.
-Male, age 44

Thank you for keeping me running this fall, Chris! 2:05.11 today and I felt great! Seriously great – can’t believe it.
-Female, age 44

I can’t say enough nice things about Dr. Chris LoRang. His methodology in regards to healing a person exceeded my expectations. Coming from a bad chiropractor experience, I had no idea what positive effects proper alignment would do to my body and how do-at-home exercises would help relieve my neck and back pain from a whiplash injury. Dr. LoRang believes in actually curing the problem and not just masking the pain with narcotics. His goal is simple, he told me this on my first visit, “My goal is to not see you.” I know everyone says they have the “best” chiropractor, and I’d be one of those people, but the word “best” doesn’t even begin to describe his professionalism, medical expertise, and good nature. I’d have to say he’s in a class all by himself.
-Female, age 39