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Andrea Imes Joins Capital Chiropractic as Nurse Practitioner

Abbie SawyerClinic News, Your Best Life

We are thrilled to welcome Andrea Imes, ARNP (she/her/hers) to the clinic team as a nurse practitioner. Adding Andrea to our roster is in line with our mission to boost progressive health optimization options in an inclusive, collaborative environment. Imes will see patients chiefly for Iowa HBOT oxygen referrals and medical cannabis cards. Patients who wish to establish ongoing care …

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Progressive Therapies to Boost Mental Wellbeing and Healing

Chris LorangThe Research, Your Best Life

At Capital Chiropractic & Iowa HBOT, we offer trauma-informed care and many of our services have documented positive outcomes in the mental health field. Our providers and team are well trained to assist you in your healing journey. Below you will find research summaries for the services that we offer at Capital Chiropractic and at Iowa HBOT that have known …

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Our Health Community: Iowa IV

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community, Your Best Life

  Meet our Neighbors: Iowa IV! In this edition of “Our Health Community,” our neighbors and fellow health-enthusiasts at Iowa IV share the story of how they started, what they offer, and why IVs are an excellent tool for gaining and maintaining a vibrant life. Our own team has gotten IVs at their location across the street from Capital Chiropractic …

Rush Family

Patient Spotlight: The Rush Family

Abbie SawyerPatient Spotlight, Your Best Life

Our work at Capital Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center and Iowa HBOT is motivated so deeply by our connections to the community as we strive to help patients feel their best and pursue their best lives. In our 10+ years of Capital Chiropractic and 2+ years of Iowa HBOT, we have gotten to meet and treat thousands of individuals and each …

Dr. LoRang’s Sugar-Free Quick Pickle & Paella-Inspired Harvest Quinoa Salad Recipes

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Summer time is often filled with pickles (and pickled things of all kinds!), and we love them. However, most often, quick-pickle recipes call for added sugar. Dr. LoRang tries to avoid added sugars in nearly all forms, so he developed his own quick pickle recipe without added sugars. Find that recipe, along with a recipe for a paella-inspired harvest quinoa …

Our Health Community: 99 Counties

Abbie SawyerOur Health Community, Recipes, Your Best Life

We are beyond excited to feature 99 Counties on the Our Health Community blog series! They’re working hard to bring local, pasture-raised meat to all of Iowa’s 99 counties. They’re also passionate about regenerative agriculture and supporting small farms throughout our state. Check it out! Tell us a bit about 99 Counties. Why did you start this business? How has …

Dr. LoRang’s Cold Plunge Protocols

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Whether you’re new to cold immersion therapy or an experienced plunger, Dr. LoRang has created plunging protocols for beginner and moderate levels to help individuals lay the foundation for their own creation of the plunging protocol perfect for them*! *Please note that our cold plunge tub will typically be set at 50°F. Should you want it colder, please call 515-421-4018 …

Cold Plunge: What is it? What are the benefits?

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What is “cold plunging”? Cold plunges and cold immersion therapies have been used for centuries as a way to improve health and wellness. Cold plunging is the practice of immersing the body in a full tub of ice-cold water ranging from 59° to 39° (anything below 60° is going to have benefits!) for 2-5 minutes. Sounds simple, right? And it …