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Patient Spotlight: The Rush Family

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Photo courtesy of the Rush Family.

Our work at Capital Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center and Iowa HBOT is motivated so deeply by our connections to the community as we strive to help patients feel their best and pursue their best lives. In our 10+ years of Capital Chiropractic and 2+ years of Iowa HBOT, we have gotten to meet and treat thousands of individuals and each one is an honor.

In particular, we love to share the stories and journeys that come through our space. In today’s Patient Spotlight, we’re honored to share the story of not just one person, but an entire family who comes to Capital Chiropractic and Iowa HBOT!

Meet the Rush Family: Kerri, Tim, Hannah and Sarah. This is a family that loves feeling great, going on adventures and embodying wellness and positivity throughout their lives and businesses.

We asked Kerri Rush to share some of her family’s experiences at Capital Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center–for chiropractic and physical therapy care, and at Iowa HBOT–for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. She also shares some of her family’s perspectives on vitality and living well. We love their approach to living full and healthy lives. See her responses below:

How has Capital Chiropractic and Iowa HBOT helped you and your family?

Kerri: In all ways! You are always on the top of our list anytime we have health issues or questions. We know that if you can’t help us you connect us to who can. We visit for many reasons and the best one is to stay healthy.

What brought you into the clinics and why have you kept coming back?

Kerri: The feeling that we are part of a family and the positive atmosphere. It’s an amazing place to heal and come together to learn from each other.

What change(s) have you noticed in your life, health, and mindset since being patients?

Kerri: We all have different health factors and experiences to work through but always appreciate the positive mindset Chris and the whole staff have. We had a change in our health knowing that we are capable of healing from anything and everything is possible. Everyone is so helpful at both clinics connecting us to resources and sharing information. It’s always so much fun coming in and we look forward to our visits.

What do you love about Capital Chiropractic and Iowa HBOT?

Kerri: Everything! You guys ROCK!

Every member of our family comes in with different issues and levels of health and Chris is always able to spend time with us to figure out the root causes. He and his staff make us feel comfortable and well cared for. We never feel judgement about choices we make for our bodies, like how or what we eat, and feel free to ask all kinds of questions, getting honest answers back. We love that he gives us exercises and tools to heal ourselves.

Using the hyperbaric oxygen tan at Iowa HBOT helped us clear up the side effects of the concussions and whiplash that we all had from a car accident that we were in. The team walked us through the whole process and made us feel relaxed, educated and confident going in. We feel so much better and more clear and focused after the therapy. Every time we came out it was like we had a 6 hour deep sleep compressed into 45 minutes. It was also my pleasure to work with Sarah Brown and call her my physical therapist. She worked with me through some pain from the accident and was able to help me heal.

Rush Family

Photo courtesy of the Rush Family.

We are an adventure family and love trying new things and hanging out together. When Fresh Wheatgrass Girl (otherwise known as Fresh Cafe and Market) started in 2006 everyone jumped in and started helping “grow” the business. Hannah now has her own business called Resonate Healing (yoga and sound baths). Sarah is finishing her last year in college and working on a new business venture herself. We are each other’s “roadies” as we like to call it and are always there to help with any task. Being supportive and cheering each other on is part of our lifestyle. We love the family aspect of Capital Chiropractic and Iowa HBOT and feel right at home every time we walk in.

Prevention and wellness care is very important to us. We try to understand how our bodies work and as we are all at different levels of age and health we are here to try alternative modalities that make sense to us. Tim and I are working on reversing our age and are always in the process of practicing what we preach. My health advice for others is: drink your greens, exercise daily, get outside every day, breathe a lot, laugh, hug people (animals and trees, too) and listen to your body. Coming to Capital Chiropractic and Iowa HBOT is a key piece of our overall health plan that we created for ourselves. It is refreshing to be around people that want to make a difference in others lives.

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