Our Health Community: Hanna Valley Protein

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We’re thrilled to feature Hanna Valley Protein on the Our Health Community blog series! This small business was born from a true medical need for high-quality yet affordable food options. Read their incredible story below! Tell us a bit about Hanna Valley Protein. Why did you start this business? How has it evolved? What is it today? Hanna Valley Protein …

fried apples

Fried Apples à la Mode

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Celebrate fall (or any time of year) with one of the quintessential foods of the season: apples! These fried apples à la mode combine butter, salt and cinnamon with optional oat topping for a delicious treat that is also easily adaptable for food preferences. Plus, it tastes like apple crisp but is much faster to make. See below for ingredients …

Iowa Food Cooperative Des Moines

Our Health Community – Iowa Food Cooperative

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Buying food locally brings so many perks. First, you can feel assured knowing where your food comes from. You may get to know the farmer/grower personally. You know your food travelled a short distance to reach you, resulting in fewer emissions. Plus, you can learn which foods are grown or harvested during certain seasons here in Iowa. You may even …

Healthy eating in Des Moines

3 easy recipes for whole-food summer grilling

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Summer is upon us and that means it’s grilling season. We may think of hamburgers and hot dogs as standard grill fare, but what about vegetables, fish, and mouthwatering peaches? This is the season to experiment with flavors, while keeping it fresh and delicious. Also, with all the fun activities and long hours of daylight this time of year, you’ll …

Homemade sauerkraut

Dr. LoRang’s Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe + Tips

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Sauerkraut is one of our family’s favorite foods. This fermented cabbage-based food is a delicious condiment paired with most foods, including casseroles, stews, egg dishes, baked sweet potatoes, fish, chicken, beef, and sandwiches. Tangy, crunchy, and colorful – even our little one likes it! In addition to being delicious, kraut has plenty of health benefits. It’s loaded with of beneficial …

Our Health Community – BRAISED Bone Broth Company

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We are very excited to partner with Kate Brown from BRAISED Bone Broth Company and Kitchen Collage of Des Moines on an upcoming event all about bone broth. Bone broth is a great addition to your diet, celebrated for its rich nutritional profile. Learning how to make your own is a great addition to your culinary skills. We wanted to highlight …

Our Health Community – HoQ Restaurant

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Thoughtful food choices are so important in a healthy lifestyle. At Capital Chiropractic, we address habits surrounding food, the impact of processed foods, and strategies for implementing healthier choices. Central to this discussion is where patients can go for good quality meats, produce and other food products – right here in Central Iowa. With Des Moines Restaurant Week around the corner, we thought we would …