Megan, the owner of Batch Balanced, stands in a kitchen with a tray of muffins next to her on the counter.

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Megan, the owner of Batch Balanced, stands in a kitchen with a tray of muffins next to her on the counter.

Megan Garvin, owner of Batch Balanced.

Megan Garvin, owner of Batch Balanced, is making healthy habits easier to have with her incredible (and delicious, might we add) muffins! Read on to learn more about Megan, her business, and her product.

Why did you start this business?

Batch Balanced muffins began in my home as a way to feed my family highly nutritious food that is easy to make and tastes good without refined grains or added sugar. Health and nutrition have always been a major part of my life but after nearly being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder in my mid-20s, I realized that eating nutritious foods and balanced macros in every meal was the best way to keep my body feeling and functioning its best by supporting blood sugar balance and metabolic function. This started a journey to take greater ownership of my health through nutrition and to make it as delicious as possible.

This health journey intersected with motherhood as feeding my daughters healthy and well-balanced food was imperative. The foodie in me began to experiment in my kitchen by creating nutritious meals that made life as a busy mom a little less hectic. I soon developed a high-protein batter from nutrient-dense foods that could be baked into delicious and healthy muffins. These muffins quickly became a staple in my home and began to grow in popularity with family and friends. I began to make larger quantities of batter that I froze and thawed as needed to make the weekly meal prep more efficient. And with this, Batch Balanced was born. In 2019 I officially started Batch Balanced by taking the nutritious batter that I originally created in my home kitchen to the commercial kitchen to provide a convenient and delicious way for people to bring more healthy habits into their lives.

How has it evolved?

Golden brown turkey and cheddar muffins.

Turkey and cheddar muffins.

What started with me experimenting in my kitchen to create recipes that will allow me to feed my family convenient, healthy meals while on the go has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. I started selling the batter to my friends upon request. Shortly thereafter I had an LLC and website for pop up shops and pick-ups. We now offer delivery in the Des Moines metro, nation-wide shipping and a subscription service for our batches. Since launching our 5 original flavors of Banana Bread, Double Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Ham & Swiss, and Turkey & Cheddar, we have introduced Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin and Gingerbread. We are excited to announce some new flavors that will be launching soon in the near future.

What is it today? 

We remain a direct to consumer company that sells frozen high protein muffin batter. Our mission since day 1 has been to make preparing and providing healthy food simple, convenient and delicious to empower people to create and sustain healthy habits.

What makes your approach different?

There are a lot of convenient high protein options but ours is made from high quality ingredients and  empowers our customers to take more ownership of their health. The main ingredients and source of protein for our high-protein muffin  batter are egg whites and Greek yogurt. Our customers purchase the batches frozen then thaw and bake fresh high-protein muffins in their own home. The muffins can be topped with a variety of toppings. One batch makes a dozen muffins and two muffins are a complete meal with 16-24g protein, 5g – 11g net carbs and 9-11g fat. The muffins are also a meal prep solution as they can be stored refrigerated for up to seven days. This is not a protein shake or a packaged protein bar. This is real food with an incredibly easy preparation process that allows our customers to have incredibly healthy options readily available because we believe healthy options create healthy choices.

How does your business help people?

People are busier now than ever and sacrificing nutrition for convenience is a reality that everyone I know is familiar with. Batch Balanced provides an option so our customers don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. Few things make me happier than receiving feedback regarding how our product has benefitted our customers. I have received so much positive feedback from busy parents who are so thankful for something they are proud to feed their children as they rush out the door for school or practice.

This product has a profound impact on people trying to eat healthier and cleaner because it is a health food people love to make and eat. This is a macronutrient based product and the importance of a high protein diet and eating a high protein breakfast, in particular, is well-documented and significant. We are making it easier for people to be healthier and we are very proud of that.

Banana bread muffins

What’s one thing people should know about your business if they’ve never tried it before? 

I will throw two things out there: The first thing people should know is these taste delicious. People honestly don’t believe it’s a health food when they try it and my family and many others will even eat some of the flavors as a dessert with coconut whip topping and fresh berries. The second thing is these aren’t really muffins. They are baked in silicon muffin pans but they’re made mainly from Greek yogurt, egg whites, and either fruit or meat and cheese. They contain no traditional baking ingredients but since we bake them in muffin tins and they shaped like muffins, we couldn’t think of anything else to call them. Also, all flavors are gluten friendly!

What gets you up in the morning? 

My family and God. They are what get me up in the morning and keep me going all day. My whole life is for them.

What do you love about the Greater Des Moines community?

It’s a big city with a lot going on and a ton of opportunity but it’s still small enough for real community and a sense of responsibility for one another. Everywhere I turn there is a helping hand a willingness to work and collaborate with almost everyone I meet. People here care about one another and its incredibly refreshing.

What’s next?

Our focus is on growing locally. There are so many people in the Des Moines area who have never heard about us but become loyal Batch Balanced customers and advocates that we are committed to growing organically in the DSM area. We’ll grow it beyond that eventually but we are committed to creating the healthiest, most delicious product possible for our community and being great where we stand before we focus on growing elsewhere.


Anything else?

Thank you for the opportunity to be in your blog series. The impact that this exposure can have on a small business like ours is appreciated and meaningful.

We’re so appreciative that you were willing to share some insight into your business with us! 🙂 – CCRC

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