Dr. LoRang’s Sugar-Free Quick Pickle & Paella-Inspired Harvest Quinoa Salad Recipes

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Summer time is often filled with pickles (and pickled things of all kinds!), and we love them. However, most often, quick-pickle recipes call for added sugar. Dr. LoRang tries to avoid added sugars in nearly all forms, so he developed his own quick pickle recipe without added sugars. Find that recipe, along with a recipe for a paella-inspired harvest quinoa …

whole30 radish salsa

Discoveries and Takeaways: Our Whole30 Midway Update

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It’s official—we have passed the halfway point of our team Whole30 experience! To celebrate, we had a special Whole30 potluck, complete with pork carnitas, guacamole, salsas, and all the (compliant!) fixings. In addition to celebrating, we have also taken a moment to look back before we look ahead to the next fifteen days. We each have had unique experiences, realizations, …

paleo chocolates

Recipe for Paleo Chocolates

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Ever wanted to make your own chocolate? Try this recipe for paleo coconut oil chocolates – you won’t regret it!  You’ll need: 20 oz of coconut oil (Find it at Campbell’s Nutrition) 16 oz creamy almond butter (or peanut butter) (salted) (Find it at Campbell’s Nutrition) 1 T vanilla (Find it at AllSpice Culinarium) 1/2 C cocoa powder (Find it at …

How to make your own sunbutter

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What is Sunbutter? Sunbutter is a delicious alternative to peanut butter. Packed with anti-inflammatory vitamin E and calming magnesium, it’s one of our favorite snacks at the clinic. Plus, it is so easy to make! Check out the process below. Time: 10 minutes Difficulty level: Easy Ingredients: 2 lbs sunflower seeds Olive or avocado oil Salt Equipment: Food processor Spatula Air tight …