leaves fall

How to Rake Leaves Safely and Pain Free 

Abbie SawyerYour Best Life

Lots of beautiful leaves falling in your yard calls for more yard work–especially raking! Unfortunately, if you use improper form, raking leaves can leave you with sore shoulders, low back pain, aching knees, muscle strains, and other pains associated with poor raking mechanics.  To help you prepare before tackling that leaf pile, here are five tips to help keep you …

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization For the Golfer

Chris LorangClinic News, The Research, Your Best Life

Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine Last month, Dr. LoRang traveled to St. Louis to attend a 3 day conference on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), specifically geared toward the golfer.  This course is one of many DNS courses that Dr. LoRang has completed. DNS forms the clinical base on which Capital Chiropractic is built and is the reason that …