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Tennis Elbow versus Golf Elbow 

Abbie SawyerYour Best Life

Tennis elbow and golf elbow Tennis elbow and golf elbow are very common. Despite the names, you don’t have to be a golfer or a tennis player to develop either of these elbow tendonitis-related injuries. Both of these injuries typically develop when certain tendons in your elbow become overloaded, overused, or poorly used. Typically, these elbow injuries occur from repetitive …

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization For the Golfer

Chris LorangClinic News, The Research, Your Best Life

Prague School of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine Last month, Dr. LoRang traveled to St. Louis to attend a 3 day conference on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), specifically geared toward the golfer.  This course is one of many DNS courses that Dr. LoRang has completed. DNS forms the clinical base on which Capital Chiropractic is built and is the reason that …