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The Value of Stretching at the Office/Home Office

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4 Stretches for the Office Take a few minutes at different parts of your day to make some changes to your posture, your flexibility, and potentially some of your discomfort. The next time you feel poor posture or immobility plaguing you, try these four stretches at your desk: 1. Chin Retraction Chin retraction stretch step 1 Chin retraction stretch step …

Dynamic Triplanar Calf Stretching

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There isn’t one right answer for what to do post-run as far as movement. But from a functional perspective, dynamic stretching after a workout can help prevent injuries. Dynamic, or triplanar stretching, moves your muscles in all directions. Dynamic Triplanar Calf Stretching can be a great way to warm up, cool down, or to include in your standard stretching. Dynamic …

6 Tips for Endurance Runners: Before, During, and After Your Run

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If you’re gearing up for the Des Moines Marathon, Des Moines Half Marathon, an Ironman, triathlon, road race, or relay, consider these six tips for using nutrition and specific exercises for before, during, and after your run to help ensure your peak performance and fast recovery. 1. Focus on warm-ups over stretching. Stretching before a run was once believed to …