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The Value of Stretching at the Office/Home Office

Abbie SawyerYour Best Life

4 Stretches for the Office Take a few minutes at different parts of your day to make some changes to your posture, your flexibility, and potentially some of your discomfort. The next time you feel poor posture or immobility plaguing you, try these four stretches at your desk: 1. Chin Retraction Chin retraction stretch step 1 Chin retraction stretch step …

Capital Chiropractic Treats Runners at the Des Moines Marathon

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Active Release Technique for Runners’ Legs Dr. Chris LoRang treated many sore, tight, and cramped leg muscles at Sunday’s Des Moines Marathon. With Active Release Technique (ART), a soft tissue therapy for athletes, Dr. LoRang targeted runners’ pain points to help get them on their feet again after their 5K, relay, half, or full marathon. Supporting Des Moines Runners Capital …