Nurse Practitioner Lisa Kamphuis joins the team and expands telehealth options

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Lisa Kamphuis begins providing services at Capital Chiropractic and will be maintaining her private practice at Whole Woman Health.

Capital Chiropractic adds nurse practitioner to the team

We are so pleased to add the services of Lisa Kamphuis to our clinic offerings. We have been working with Lisa on this for quite some time and are pleased to launch her services via telehealth. After this COVID-19 pandemic subsides, you’ll be able to see her in the clinic as well!

The good news is Lisa is seeing patients at Capital Chiropractic while maintaining her own private practice, Whole Woman Health.

A bit about Lisa Kamphuis

Before opening her own practice in 2002 (Whole Woman Health), Lisa Kamphuis was a nurse practitioner in a traditional women’s health clinic. During this time, Lisa needed to see at least 4 patients per hour, eliminating any chance of teaching patients about preventative health. The final nudge to open her own practice came in 2001, when Lisa was told not to discuss vitamins and nutrition with patients, since it wasn’t in the “protocol.”

Her specialties have been in women’s health, integrative endocrinology, including thyroid, adrenals, balancing hormones in premenopausal, menopause, and fertility, along with nutrition and digestive health.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Iowa. She completed her Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner education through the Family Planning Council of Iowa. Lisa has studied Integrative Medicine since 1999.

About Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners can serve as a patient’s primary health care provider, offering both traditional and alternative healing methods. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training in the management of common medical conditions. With national certification in his or her area of specialty, a nurse practitioner is qualified to assess, diagnose and treat health problems. The core philosophy of the field is individualized care, with an emphasis on prevention, wellness and patient education.

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