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Tell us a bit about Des Moines Parent. Why did you start this business? How has it evolved? What is it today?

My business began as a hobby. Shortly after my son was born (7 years ago) I found it difficult to find a resource that shared all of the fun that was going on in Des Moines. I knew there were events and activities happening, but they seemed to be scattered all over the place. I also wanted personal reviews from actual parents. That was when the idea was born. It basically started out as a journal of all the fun my son and I was having in Des Moines.

Over time, I made connections and Des Moines Parent fell into my lap. It quickly grew into something that parents and families relied on upon regularly. Today, it is a reliable resource that offers an extensive event calendar, reviews, travel reviews, giveaways, fun challenges, free phone app and much more.

What makes your approach different?

Des Moines Parent is a community resource. I love to hear from other parents what they want to see or learn more about. I may be the one behind the computer editing and creating the posts, but I encourage feedback and suggestions from parents. It takes all of us to make this an amazing resource!

How does your business help people?

I think the most obvious way Des Moines Parent helps people is through sharing events, activities, and reviews, but it is definitely much more than that.

Des Moines Parent is a way for families to explore Des Moines and connect with other parents within our community. Being a parent can be tough! My hope is Des Moines Parent provides endless possibilities to meet other parents in the same season of life as them while supporting our amazing community.

Erin Huiatt Family

Erin Huiatt with her family in Des Moines.

What gets you up in the morning?

My children. It is amazing to watch them grow into individuals and this ‘hobby’ has blessed us with so many amazing experiences that I get to share with them.

What do you love about the Greater Des Moines community?

Oh goodness! So much. I think the number one thing is how creative our community is. I have met so many people in Des Moines that have so many amazing ideas. The Greater Des Moines community is not scared to think outside of the box and reach for their dreams.

What’s next?

Who knows!? The one thing I love about Des Moines Parent is the endless possibilities.

Where can we learn more?


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