whole30 recap

Would we do it again? Our Whole30 Experience Recap

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whole30 recap

Back in mid-January, our whole team at Capital Chiropractic embarked on a Whole30 experience together. We each pledged to seek out vegetables, healthy fats, and healthy proteins instead of a long list of things, including dairy, gluten, added sugar of any kind, corn, soy, preservatives, alcohol, and food colorings. Midway through the 30+ days, we had various revelations. Some of us even started over at Day 1 after eating off-book.

Now that we are well past the official Whole30 experience and we have all gone had time to reflect on what we ate, how we felt, and what we learned, we are taking a moment to ask the big questions: Would we each do it again? What did each we learn?

Taking a risk and changing what and how you eat can feel risky. It means a change in your whole food paradigm. It’s no small thing to undertake. Changing what and how you eat can require more time, energy, and planning. It’s a challenge to change what and how you eat. We all totally understand that. When Dr. Chris talks with patients about the benefits of trying one food or eliminating another, we all know the significance of that suggestion. In our experiences with this Whole30, however, we have found that experimentation and commitment can be worth feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy, and even losing weight. The change can be worth it.

Looking back on our Whole 30 experience


brittany-capital-chiropracticWould you do it again?

Yes, I would, but I think I would like to be more creative with the meals I make. I got bored very easily and didn’t enjoy making food, when I could have been much more adventurous!

Did this Whole30 experience change your perspective on food, nutrition, health, or anything else?

Absolutely! I think it made me realize how much I sucked the joy out of food. I realize that much of the food I was eating was just a means of getting by (protein bars, smoothies, etc) but not to bond with other people or challenge myself. I think over this challenge it became very important for me to share food with other people, and bring them into my experience (not forcing though). Since Whole30, I honestly haven’t craved a lot of dairy so that’s been an interesting realization.



Would you do it again?

Yes. After doing this Whole30, I have maintained a similar approach to eating about 95 percent of the time (I’ve had the occasional gluten-free cracker or paleo pancake). I enjoy the focused energy and deep sleep that comes with eating vegetables, fats, and proteins.

Did this Whole30 experience change your perspective on food, nutrition, health, or anything else?

I realized that once in a while, it’s just fine to have a few bites of a fabulous cookie. Eating a non-Whole30 food or drink doesn’t make me or anyone else a bad person. That said, it’s become clear to me that I feel my best and perform my best when I put good food in my body. It’s all about the balance.



Would you do it again?

Yes, I would absolutely do the Whole30 again. It’s a good way to reset your brain and your body. The lack of convenience is difficult for sure, but I loved having more energy during the afternoon and more satisfying sleep at night.

Did this Whole30 experience change your perspective on food, nutrition, health, or anything else?

I didn’t do a good job at re-introducing food groups on day 31 because I went on a trip shortly after I completed the Whole30. Next time I want to be more intentional about re-introducing foods and really paying attention to how they affect me. I will say that I haven’t been eating nearly as much cheese since this Whole30 experience and I haven’t really missed it.


Would you do it again?

Yes. Even though this is the third or fourth time I have done Whole30, it is a learning experience every time. I always notice that my energy levels are more steady and that I sleep better when doing Whole30.

Did this Whole30 experience change your perspective on food, nutrition, health, or anything else?

Yes. Whole30 is always enlightening. Even though I feel that I make positive nutrition choices the majority of the time, it is easy to slip into poor habits. Whole30 helps to reset that. Because I also implemented a ketogenic approach on this Whole30, it was even more enlightening. I tested blood sugar and blood ketone levels each day and found out that vegetables and fruit with higher carbohydrates would set me back and take me out of ketosis. From a ketogenic perspective, many of the vegetables that we think are so beneficial (ie sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, etc.) may actually have a negative effect on our blood sugar and blood ketone levels.



Would you do it again?

Absolutely. It made me realize that I could go without dairy and gluten and that I could still be social by not drinking alcoholic beverages. I still don’t drink, which I don’t miss at all! While the first week was a little rough, after that it all became quite easy. And a quick easy snack that I used during that month is now still something that I like: apple slices with almond butter. Yum!

Did this Whole30 experience change your perspective on food, nutrition, health, or anything else?

I no longer drink “-ose” beverages, meaning beverages that contain sucrose, fructose, etc. I now drink flavored carbonated water and love it. Great experience!

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