A man stands with one hand on his sternum, another on his belly so he can feel how deep his breaths are.

360° Breathing: Can One Breathe Away Pain?

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Did you ever think that breathing a certain way may help decrease pain and anxiety? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the research shows that it might actually be true! (1,2,3,5) What is 360° breathing? 360 degree breathing is a deep breathing technique that involves using your breath to create expansion in your rib cage and abdomen. It …

CORE CONCEPTS | Breathing for core stability and why “Sucking It In” doesn’t work

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A Breathing Epidemic A patient recently shared a story with me that I have found to be emblematic of a widespread breathing epidemic. He was five years old when one day, one of his babysitters pointed to his belly and told him to “Suck in that gut.” He remembered internalizing the off-handed comment with shame, and began holding in his stomach …