5 Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work

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Nearly every day, we talk with people who spend hours a day sitting at their desks. We see the plagues of desk-bound days: the neck pain, tight shoulders, aching backs and even headaches. Our approach is that movement can be medicine. We identify common, predictable biomechanical motor patterns that can put people at risk for certain types of pain – even when it looks …

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability Conference Recap

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Last weekend, I had to pleasure to attend a conference just outside of Chicago to continue my education in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). Based upon the groundbreaking neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation principles described by key neurologists/physiatrists, DNS offers a new generation of clinical protocols that are designed to restore and stabilize locomotor function. The course I attended, Intermediate C Course, is the next step …

Introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing

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Proper diaphragmatic activation during movement and activation of the deep stabilizing system of the spine (DSSS) is one of the core principles of the whole-body approach at Capital Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center. Without this activation, the body with compensate with poor movement patterns. Introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing  Relevant Anatomy Lumbar Spine Rectus Abdominus Obliques and Transversus Abdominus Diaphragm Pelvic Floor …