Rehabilitation for COVID-19 Recovery

Rehabilitation for COVID-19 Recovery

Helping you Return to Living Your Best Life 

The world is thankful to see the recoveries that are made with patients who have fought the novel coronavirus, but it is important to recognize that for many, overcoming the virus itself is just the beginning of the journey. Many individuals are leaving the hospital with ongoing difficulties with breathing, joint pains, chest pains, fatigue, weakness, decreased exercise capacity, brain fogs, and much more, making their return to their activities of daily living challenging. (1,2) 

The exciting news is that physical therapy can help. 

Our clinic has been honored to stay up and running through the pandemic, including serving our front-line workers with their pain and lifestyle management. We know that not everyone will need rehabilitation after their hospital stay, as the effects of the virus have been quite variable, but some would benefit greatly from rehabilitation services.  

Capital Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center is prepared to provide care for individuals and assist those who are trying to transition back to living their best life for those suffering from the lingering symptoms post-COVID-19. 

Our team includes a chiropractor and physical therapist. Upon evaluation, our practitioners will be able to assess whether your care would be most appropriate at our location or if you would need higher level care. 

What Our Rehabilitation Strategy Would Include


  • Relaxation/stress reduction 
  • Activity modification 


  • Breathing muscles 
  • Breathing coordination and control 
  • Lower and upper body strengthening 
  • Stretching 
  • Balance and coordination 

Functional Training 

  • Lifestyle habits to promote healing 
  • Functional activity training

Manual Therapy 

  • Chest wall mobility 
  • Joint mobility 

Before scheduling an appointment

If you are a patient recovering from COVID-19, you must first have tested negative for COVID-19, have received medical clearance and must follow the CDC guidelines for persons with COVID-19 to be treated in our clinic. To be treated via telehealth, you must first have medical clearance from your treating practitioner.

If you or someone you know is recovering from COVID-19 and experiencing fatigue and loss of function due to the virus, schedule an appointment to be seen in-clinic or virtually through our telehealth platform.

*Please note that we are not treating any patients who are known-positive COVID patients, and we are only treating patients who have tested negative, or fully recovered and have followed CDC guidelines for isolation.


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