EMSELLA: A Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence and Confidence for Women and Men.

This revolutionary technology transforms intimate health and wellness for both men and women,  providing a completely non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence.

What is EMSELLA?

A breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence. This unique technology revolutionizes women’s intimate health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option.

How Does EMSELLA Work?

EMSELLA, using HIFEM® technology, induces thousands of kegel-like pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session. These contractions re-educate and strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles, restoring neuromuscular control and improving urinary incontinence in both men and women.

The Science is Why People Say YES to EMSELLA

To date 5 clinical studies have been published on EMSELLA. Studies confirm 95% of patients report an improved quality of life.
Quality of Life
Pad Reduction

Real Patients | Real Confidence

Frequently Asked Questions about EMSELLA

Tired of the Constant Urge to Go?

Pelvic floor muscles are a layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide control over the bladder and bowel. When these muscles are weakened, they do not fully support the internal organs, which may lead to difficulty controlling the release of urine.