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We recently touched base with our friend John Cornish of John Cornish Wellness and talked with him about his path into the health and wellness field. His approach, techniques, and charisma are both unique and observably genuine. We think you’ll like what he has to say.

John Cornish

John Cornish, Owner of John Cornish Wellness

Tell us about your history in personal training, yoga, and massage therapy, and how you utilize each of these treatments at John Cornish Wellness?

I have been in the Wellness industry for approximately 18 years. I began simply by taking an interest in my own health and recovery from an injury. That passion unfolded into helping friends and family with their fitness, as well as coaching and training many HS and club sports teams. Ultimately I made my way to becoming certified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. As this passion continued to grow, I began to focus on corrective exercise. My emphasis was on helping people use proper form to maximize efficiency of their workouts, as well as working with clients who were coming out of physical therapy or surgery. This emphasis created a natural synergy into yoga and massage therapy, because in order to help people heal, get in better shape, and create a better life for themselves, it oftentimes requires multiple treatment modalities.

Today, I take an approach that not one modality or therapy fits all. Each client I see goes through a detailed intake so that we can determine the best course of action for helping them achieve their aspirations and goals. Many clients will simply work with training and nutrition consultation, while others will alternate between massage therapy, private yoga, etc. This approach has been wildly successful for my clients and by keeping things effective yet simple, it is easy for them to sustain success over time.

What is unique about your approach?

What makes my approach unique is my background and expertise in many healing modalities. Along with this experience, taking a holistic approach to the human body and how it reacts and grows through various treatments is critical. Every(body) is unique. I take a unique approach with each client I see. An example of this would be massage therapy. There are many, many forms of bodywork – some centuries old, some more modern in approach. I’ve studied many of these forms and will inevitably integrate or layer multiple forms into a particular session. In my view, there isn’t just one way to approach a successful session. Being creative and truly caring about each individual is something I take great pride in.

What’s your wellness philosophy?

Generally, I take a holistic approach to the body and to wellness. In my experience, there isn’t any separation between the emotional or mental body and the physical. It is all connected. I see many people who have a physical ailment that can be traced back to some sort of stress or emotional trauma as well as a simple physical injury. When adopting a philosophy regarding wellness, taking an approach that takes both options into account has proven over time to create long-term success for my clients. There is a reason why we do anything. Whether it is wanting to look better for vacation, wanting to extinguish chronic pain or even just to relax and unwind, wellness covers all of these reasons and many more. Being open minded to the many ways you can help meet these needs for people is paramount.

Why do you do what you do?

Fantastic question. I’ve taken my “career” down many avenues in my adult life. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology but I’ve done things like men’s clothing buyer, marketing executive, project manager, and on and on. Although I saw success in most of these endeavors, nothing ever gave me the deep inner satisfaction that being a wellness professional has. Even when I was employed to do other things, I always came back to wellness as my true passion. Seeing someone come out of the room after a massage and tell me “You are truly a miracle worker” is all the reason I need.

You’ve recently moved into a new location, tell us about it.

Yes! I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have flexible clients who were willing to let me work with them in their homes or even at the YMCA when I was a trainer there. I am now in a permanent and fantastic spot in West Des Moines just off of Interstate 235 and Valley West Drive. At this new spot, I have space for private yoga, personal training, consultations and massage therapy. I hope my clients find it an inviting, relaxing space that is somewhere they look forward to being at. Ultimately, my attempt is to create that space for them.


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