Nature’s Effect on Health

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Nature’s Effect on Health

Dr. Schreyer getting her hands dirty!

What we take in from our environment through any sense — sound, smell, or sight — all can change our mood. But did you know that it can also cause changes in our other bodily systems including your nervous, endocrine, and even your immune system? A stressful environment can make you feel anxious, sad, or helpless. This is paired with elevating blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and suppression of the immune system. (1, 2) There is a rapid accumulation of evidence indicating that environment can elicit substantial stress in people living in urban environments, (3) where a pleasing environment can do the opposite. (1)

We can take this information and see it as a disadvantage, as most of us spend a large amount of time in our own concrete jungles. Or, we can see this as an opportunity to better understand ourselves and our bodies and use this to better our health. 

This time of year is perfect to begin your adventures into nature and discover its effects on your body. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to feel the positive effects of our greener surroundings on our bodies. Nature has a way with humans that can help with reducing stress, generate more positive emotions, and improve our psychological well being. (3)

Not the biggest fan of being outdoors, but you want the health benefits? You don’t have to submerge yourself into a forest – research has shown that even seeing pictures of nature can activate similar health benefits! (3)

Luckily for Des Moines dwellers, this is an amazing spot to start submerging yourself into nature and being able to almost forget that you are within a big city. Some suggestions to start your natural journey to improved health and wellness – 

Local options for experiencing nature

Clive Greenbelt Trail

Easter Lake Park 

Water Works Park

Browns Woods 

Greenwood/Ashworth Park

Margo Frankel Woods 

Areas to enjoy nature while feeling the connections to the city

All year round – Greater Des Moines botanical gardens 

Pappajohn Sculpture Park 

Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden 

Macrae Park 

Grey’s Lake

Red Rock 

Saylorville Trail

Rotary Riverwalk Park

Have you explored all of these places? Have any other recommendations? If you see a fun spot that we don’t have included on our list, take a picture of yourself enjoying its nature and tag the clinic! We would love to see you using nature to better your health!

Photo Credit: Dr. Schreyer

Photo Credit: Dr Schreyer

Dr. Schreyer and Office Manager Mary Harding enjoying a lunch break on the grounds of the Iowa State Capitol.

Little Leo experiencing nature by lounging in the grass!


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