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My name is Gail McCarthy and I am holistic practitioner.

Life in Balance is a safe space for individuals who are seeking to become more aware of how their brain understands and operates through the choices that they are making. My intention is to assist them to better understand the messages their body’s energy reveals and to explore how to use that information to move towards the health and balance they desire.

The human body is constantly striving to maintain balance and harmony with the programs that are running inside of us. While we are here in our physical body, life presents us with many challenges. How we handle those challenges is based on our perception and the programs we are carrying.

My Journey

My own journey began in nursing, and I soon realized that there were many ways besides conventional medicine to promote health and well-being. My pursuit of these various options for my own health led me to my introduction of energy-based therapies. I have studied and currently use many different tools in my practice based on how individuals present at their sessions. Some of my tools include Healing Touch, Muscle Testing, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Biological Decoding, and Brain Spotting, to name a few. I expand my awareness with continued studies and integration because I realize each individual is unique with unique needs.

While being drawn to the concept of energy, I recognized that we are all vibrational energy beings living in a vibrational energy universe. Energy is present in our cells, organs, thoughts, fears and emotions. How we respond to our environment, interactions with others, words and our thoughts influences our health and how we maintain balance in life.

My intentions are to continue assisting individuals in discovering the patterns that interfere with their health, to help them become aware of their thoughts, emotions and fears, and to understand, recognize and embrace their true selves. By recognizing the power of intention and purpose within – the journey towards wholeness begins. The Des Moines community offers many options for those interested in expanding their awareness and health and I am appreciative of the many resources offered here.

How I Help

In my practice, I work with individuals face to face or remotely through distance sessions over the phone. Since energy transcends the constraints of time and space – I can work with anyone, anywhere they are.

Get in Touch

My journey and practice will continue to evolve as I evolve. I present choices for individuals to consider, while they are uncovering repetitive patterns that they may or may not be aware of. I offer possibilities for change and optimal health of body, mind, emotions and spirit. I encourage individuals who are interested in the work that we might do together to contact me at 515-201-2848 for a brief phone consult or message me at

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