Integrative Care Provides Better Outcomes for Low Back Pain

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At Capital Chiropractic, we treat low back pain often. And we want to help people feel their best. That means we take time to explain concepts of pain and discuss the causative factors of their symptoms. We implement an evidence-based approach using education, biomechanical intervention, and specific home exercise. These modalities of manual medicine can offer a solution for acute and chronic pain.

Using an evidence-based approach also means we strive to work in tandem with our patients’ primary care physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists. With this approach, there is an ease of access to care and a progression toward the best outcome for the patient; when an open dialogue exists between providers, patient care and results improve.

This manner of transparent, collaborative care is affirmed not only by our patients’ results, but also by a 2013 study in The Spine Journal. This study reports that the integration of chiropractic manipulative therapy with standard medical care offers a “significant advantage” for the patient, especially with cases of low back pain. Ultimately, leading to faster recoveries and longer-lasting effects of treatments:

“[Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy] in conjunction with [standard medical care] offers a significant advantage for decreasing pain and improving physical functioning when compared with only standard care, for men and women between 18 and 35 years of age with acute low back pain.”
–Goertz et al. (2013), Spine

The research supports joint manipulation as a great intervention for low back pain.  When combined with standard medical care, the outcomes are better than standard medical care alone.

To read more, please find the abstract here.

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