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Tell us a bit about yourself and your new venture:

How did you select the items on your menu? Lots of taste testing?

I came up with my menu sort of by chance, and it’s going to change often based on what flavors are in season and what my customers are responding well to! I usually start with a recipe that sounds good to me, then tinker with it to make it healthier in some way, then keep playing around with it until I love it – and my husband is always a happy taste tester and gives me really honest, helpful feedback!

healthy-food-des-moinesHow are you hoping your new business helps people?

I hope more people start to understand how what they eat can affect them in so many ways. When you put good, clean food in your body, you just feel good! What you eat doesn’t only affect your overall healthy and well being, it helps with your energy, your sleep, your skin, and so much more.

What do you love about Des Moines?

I love how incredibly supportive our community is! I keep saying over and over lately that Des Moines is the very best place to be when starting your own business. The support has been overwhelming. I love that we have many big city ‘amenities’ – like great shops, restaurants, neighborhoods, etc. But we also have the cliche but completely true ‘Midwest nice’ – people are just friendly here, and I’ve learned through all my travels that is not something to take for granted.

What’s next?

I am excited now that I’ve officially launched The Cutler Kitchen to expand my offerings eventually – I launched a subscription service for my energy bites as I had a handful of people requesting a standing weekly order, and I’m working on testing new recipes for upcoming new menu offerings! Currently all orders have to be picked up from my home, but it’d be great to get my products out available at a few locations around our city. I’m also setting up at a few events around town – next up being at the Fem City Sip & Shop at the Iowa Taproom on Wed 10/18!

energy-bites-des-moinesConnect with Kiley and The Cutler Kitchen

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