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Dr. LoRang Fell Off a Ladder!

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Unfortunately, this is not a  joke.

TW: There are photos in this blog that may be sensitive for some readers. They include a photo of Dr. LoRang’s back with a bandage, and an IV setup.

On Labor Day of this year, Dr. LoRang was on a 6 foot step ladder putting up a final piece of trim on the exterior of a shed. He was standing on the top rung of the ladder and slipped. With a pneumatic nailgun in his hand and a toolbelt on his waist, he fell backwards and landed directly on his spine. Thankfully, he didn’t hit his head, but did land on his neighbors decorative brick border. He was bruised diagonally across his spine from his right shoulder to his left lower back. He had pain directly on his spine at his mid back.


Dr. LoRang's bandaged injury on his back

Dr. LoRang’s injury across his spine. You can observe most significant swelling/bruising at his right upper back region.

Because of his awareness and knowledge of anatomy, he did not believe any fractures occurred and he did not feel the need to seek out immediate treatment.

That night he took 4000 mg of fish oil, Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, and utilized a HyperVolt percussion massager. He stretched repeatedly throughout the evening so that his mobility remained high. However, he was moving slowly!

Dr. LoRang self-treating the sore areas on his back with a Hypervolt percussion massage tool – the very same one that he often uses on patients!


The next day, Monday, Dr. LoRang was hurting more and had a headache begin. He requested adjustments from his colleague, Dr. Hartley. He was adjusted once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In addition, Dr. LoRang walked across the street to our neighbors, Iowa IV,  to receive a Myer’s Cocktail IV with added glutathione and also receive an NAD+ shot.


Dr. LoRang receiving an IV from Iowa IV

Dr. LoRang receiving an IV from Iowa IV.


Dr. LoRang being treated by Dr. Hartley

In this adjustment, you can see Dr. LoRang receiving treatment at his right upper back and lower neck region (C/T junction). After the injury, this region of his spine was significant blocked and fixated. After the adjustment, Dr. LoRang immediately had greater range of motion and decreased pain.

Tuesday night – he again used a hypervolt percussion massager at home to relieve his pain symptoms and to maintain his mobility. He again took 4000 mg of fish oil, more CBD oil, as well as several other anti inflammatory supplements. 

By Wednesday, he was feeling so much better! He was adjusted again by Dr. Hartley and felt nearly back to normal by Thursday.

Dr. LoRang being treated by Dr. Hartley - Thoracic spine

In this adjustment, you can observe Dr. LoRang being treated to gain extension ROM in his thoracic spine. Our patients love this adjustment and so does Dr. LoRang!

The research shows that treatment immediately after an injury can improve outcomes and this is why Dr. LoRang sought treatment within 24 hours of his fall.

If you or someone you know is injured and in pain for days afterwards, give us a call! Both our chiropractic doctors and physical therapist are educated and trained to manage and perhaps even eradicate pain from injury. We can help you get back to living your best life!

Interested in seeing how the shed turned out? Check out this photo below!

Dr. LoRang's Shed

Here is the Dr. LoRang’s shed! He cut out each and every one of the cedar shake shingles.


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