Dr. LoRang becomes Certified Wahls Protocol® Health Professional

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Dr. Chris LoRang and Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Chris LoRang, DC and Dr. Terry Wahls, MD.

In August, Dr. LoRang attended The Wahls Protocol Conference in Cedar Rapids, where he became a certified Wahls Protocol® Health Professional.  With this training, he learned more about the functional medicine approach and the research that supports the concepts of The Wahls Protocol.

The Wahls Protocol is “a radical new way to treat all chronic autoimmune conditions using Paleo principles.”

The conference brought together leading minds on progressive nutrition and treatment of autoimmune conditions, including Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Ken Sharlin, Dr. Carolyn Matzinger, Dr. Benjamin Pospisil, Dr. William Cole, and Hannah Crum, author of The Big Book of Kombucha.

Although most of The Wahls Protocol is designed for individuals with autoimmune conditions, it also holds many valuable takeaways for  a wider audience. Here are a few stand-out tips and resources that all of us can benefit from:

  • Eat 9 cups of vegetables a day (Why eat sulphur rich vegetables? Check out this great synopsis from Mark’s Daily Apple.)eat-this-every-day
  • Lifestyle factors are incredibly important. According to a review article by Minich and Bland from 2013,  “most (about 60%–70%) health care visits in industrialized countries are correlated with these lifestyle-induced, preventable diseases….the importance of lifestyle factors in the origin and progression of disease can no longer be ignored.”
Lifestyle Induced Chronic Diseases

Lifestyle Induced Chronic Diseases – Image from Minich and Bland Article referenced above.

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle is the “original” disease modifying therapy. The Wahls Protocol can be implemented as a preventative measure, as well as a potent disease modifying therapy for autoimmune conditions, as well as many of the chronic diseases in the image above.
  • Your microbiota is important. Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kimchi and other fermented foods should be an important part of your diet and for maintaining a healthy microbiota.
  • Consume 200 different plants and animals in a year. Dr. Wahls advises that with this amount of variety in our diet, we have better chances of consuming all necessary vitamins and minerals that our bodies require.

Interested in learning more about The Wahls Protocol and how diet and lifestyle interventions can help you on your path to your health goals? Please call 515-421-4018 to schedule an appointment with Dr. LoRang, now a certified Wahls Protocol® Health Professional.

Buy a copy of The Wahls Protocol next time you're in the clinic

Buy a copy of The Wahls Protocol next time you’re in the clinic.

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