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Benefits of seeing a PT and/or chiropractor before 2020 ends

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capital chiropractic rehabilitation team

The benefits of seeing a PT and/or chiropractor before the end of the year

2020 has been a hard year, and many are excited about it finally coming to an end. When it comes to your insurance, the end of the year means the resetting of your health insurance deductible (the amount you pay for health care costs before your insurance plan starts to pay). If you are having pain or any issues that need to be addressed, now is a great time for you to receive treatment if your deductible is met.

Are you in pain? Here are three benefits of seeing one of our practitioners before year’s end:

1. Your appointments may be more affordable.

Check with your insurance provider and see if your deductible has been met and what this can mean for the affordability of your appointments.

2. Start fresh on your new years goals.

Now that it is getting darker earlier in the evening and the weather may be a little more chilly, it is typical for physical activity habits to decline, but this also means that people are putting their health on the backburner. Instead of being in pain until spring of 2021, now may be a good time for your to address the issues that you have been having throughout the year(s).

We can also help with improving your likelihood of finally sticking to the New Years Resolution goals, along with helping you hit the gym in January with a reduced risk for injury.

3. Reduce future healthcare costs.

The more you delay treatment for the everyday aches and pains that you have been experiencing can increase the cost of your health care down the road. There is a lot of evidence that indicates early intervention for pain and injuries with physical therapy and/or chiropractic care can decrease overall healthcare costs with the same if not better outcomes as compared to standard medical care.

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