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Progressive Therapies to Boost Mental Wellbeing and Healing

Chris LorangThe Research, Your Best Life

At Capital Chiropractic & Iowa HBOT, we offer trauma-informed care and many of our services have documented positive outcomes in the mental health field. Our providers and team are well trained to assist you in your healing journey. Below you will find research summaries for the services that we offer at Capital Chiropractic and at Iowa HBOT that have known …

mckenzie method

“But I’ve Been Told I Need Surgery” (and how McKenzie Method can help you)

Chris LorangThe Research, Your Best Life

“But I’ve been told I need surgery.” This is a statement we hear from patients a lot. And sometimes it is true. But more often than not, we help our patients improve their mobility and pain to the point where back or neck surgery is no longer necessary. We believe surgery should be considered as a last resort, only after …