7 Halloween Recipes With No Added Sugar

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When the Sugar Bug Bites

Halloween is fun! With the cozy fall weather, vibrant costumes, corny jokes, parties, and decorations — what’s not to enjoy? Well, we hear from patients again and again that they feel stuck when it comes to holidays like Halloween because it’s tough to celebrate without all the added SUGAR. Between parties and trick-or-treating, candy and sweet treats can quickly collect at home, in the office, and the car, making constant sugar-snacking harder to resist.

And it doesn’t stop with Halloween. The spooky season gets a bad wrap of kicking off a multi-month streak of “sweet” indulgence opportunities. From trick-or-treating, we dive right into Thanksgiving, holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, then Easter… it goes on. Once the sugar bug bites, then come more sugar cravings, worse sleep, weight gain, tooth decay, brain fog, indigestion, and overall poorer health.

Happy (and Healthy!) Halloween

So, this Halloween presents a perfect opportunity to set the tone for the upcoming holiday season. To get out ahead of the sugar train, slow it down in its tracks and put you back in the driver seat.

To help in this journey, our team collected a few of our favorite Halloween celebration recipes that include zero added sugar. (And in case you’re curious what “counts” as sugar, check out our Complete Sugar List.) These recipes are great for parties at work, school, or for fun at home. Plus, if you have a child with allergies or sensitivities to peanuts, dairy, gluten, or eggs, it’s nice to have more healthy options in your back pocket.

Enjoy — and Happy Halloween!

7 Halloween Recipes with No Added Sugar

1. Ghost bananas

banana ghosts
For another option for the eyes and nose, try Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolate chips. Learn more at All the Nourishing Things.

2. Sea monster sweet pepper dip

Learn more at Food Network.

3. Spooky stuffed peppers

Learn more at Super Sister Fitness.

4. “Candy corn” veggie tray

candy corn veggie tray
Learn more at Family Focus Blog.

5. Whole30 devilish deviled eggs

Learn more at What Great Grandma Ate.

6. 3-ingredient Halloween apple bites

We recommend the nut butter option versus the jam option. Try this recipe for making your own sunflower seed butter (peanut-free and delicious!). Learn more at Oh She Glows.

7. Jack-o-lantern clementines

Learn more at Eat Healthy Eat Happy.

Candy Buy-Back for Kids!

halloween candy buy-back for charity

If you need a place to get rid of your extra Halloween candy, check out our Candy Buy-Back for Kids! Bring in your candy, and for every pound, Capital Chiropractic will donate $5 to Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS) (up to $300). And every person who donates candy will be entered to win four passes to Brenton Skating Plaza for the 2018-2019 skate season. Learn more on Facebook!

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