liver and onions

5 reasons to try organ meats

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Have you ever tried an organ meat?

What is your reaction when you hear the words: “liver and onions”…? Do your toes curl or your lips sneer? Do you get a queasy feeling in your stomach, whether or not you’ve tried the dish before?

liver and onions

Liver and onions can be delicious – just try Dr. LoRang’s recipe!

Once popular, now stigmatized

Though Americans once commonly consumed organ meats as part of an everyday diet, organ meats have faded from popularity in recent decades, stigmatized as being odd and gross options. Organ meats include: liver, brain, heart, tongue, kidney, sweetbreads (made of thymus gland and pancreas), and tripe (stomach lining).

If you are part of the majority that shares a skeptical view of organ meats, reconsider your view for the five reasons listed below. If you’re curious about Dr. LoRang’s favorite way to eat organ meats, try making his recipe for liver and onions, linked at the bottom!

Five reasons to try organ meats

  1.  They’re cheap.
    Eating well – for your brain, body, and overall wellness – does not have to be expensive. These parts of animals are the cheapest.
  2. They’re nutritionally dense. 
    There’s a reason animals of prey eat the organs first in a fallen animal. It’s because these are the most nutritionally dense and nourishing parts. Ounce for ounce, you will be hard pressed to find a food with more health-promoting elements, including iron, folate, B12, selenium, magnesium, zinc, protein, and CoQ10. (1, 2)
  3. They’re loaded with K2.
    Though similar to reason #2, K2 deserves it’s own category. Most people do not get enough K2 from their diet and this vital nutrient is connected to bones, heart, prostate, and liver. It’s a super-nutrient! (3)
  4. They’ll fill you up.
    Many studies have shown that eating a high-protein diets can reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness. They may also promote weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate. (1)
  5. They fuel your mitochondria. 
    Dr. Terry Wahls is a huge champion of organ meats. She includes them as a key component of the Wahls Protocol for their ability to fuel the mitochondria. These organelles are energy powerhouses for your body. (4)

Give liver and onions a try

Dr. LoRang’s favorite way to eat liver is in liver and onions. Try his liver and onions recipe and get step-by-step instructions for creating this dish at home.



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