2014 Year in Review | Highlights and Photos

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As 2014 draws to a close, we look back at the last 365 days in wonder and happiness at all the incredible people that made this year one of growth, health, and community. Thanks for being a part of it.



Athlete Care

A big part of what we do at Capital Chiropractic is help people prevent injuries, recover from injuries, and get stronger and more functional in their bodies. We got to offer complimentary soft tissue treatments – like Active Release Technique, McKenzie Method, and Graston technique – for athletes throughout the year at some of Des Moines’ premiere events:

  • Stretched out aerialists at the Tall Corn Circus Festival at the Science Center.
  • Aided muscle recovery for triathletes at the Hy-Vee Triathlon at Gray’s Lake.
  • Rehabbed bicyclists at the East Village Criterium.
  • Supported peak performance at the Crossfit MAT Games, hosted by Crossfit 8035.

Extended Services

  • Began offering acupuncture treatments in the clinic.
  • Studied spinal stabilization, trigger points and dynamic movement patterns with one of the best clinicians from Prague, Petr Bitnar.
  • Gained additional training in the McKenzie method, an evidence-based rehabilitation approach.


  • “Breathing for Stabilization” at Crossfit 8035.
  • “Top 5 Stretches for Injury Prevention for Runners” at Fleet Feet.
  • “Stretching and Foam Rolling for Marathoners” with the Des Moines Marathon Running Club.


  • Hosted visual artists Martha Tushaus McCormick, Ashley Tape-Fleming, Todd Huffine, Sadie Trytten, and Mariah Jade.
  • Became an enthusiastic sponsor of the City Sounds Des Moines Public Piano Project.
  • This one is a bit of stretch, but we got new clinic shirts in men’s and women’s sizes. They’re a hit!


  • Met Dr. Terry Wahls, author of “The Wahls Protocol.” Her signed book is in the clinic’s lending library.
  • Clinic became an official breastfeeding support site.
  • Acquired several books for the clinic lending library, including “It Starts with Food,” “Food Rules” and “Supple as a Leopard.”
  • Began carrying the “Oh-Ball” foot massager for plantar fasciitis and foot pain, created by a Des Moines inventor.

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